Empowerment Defense
Empowerment Defense

"Empowerment_Defense" Explained:

The vid below sadly is in German: 

They say to The Political Enemies of the people of Europe:

These 3 women ( Mia, Maria und Ebba ) where raped, slashed and murdered as a Direct consequence of Open Border Policy

We are Your Bad Conscience!

This Sister Site is part of the project www.SatanSucks.eu

Its primary goal is to empower you with proper occult Knowledge.

This in order to prepare yourself for Self Defense within a Spiritual war...

There is a war between two hidden Scientific Teams.

The Good guys are Creation-Theistic people and they are Scientists within hidden fields of Science.

the bad guys are Islamic State, who also know hidden science and sadly have more power than the Good guys.

That is because Evil is more Creative, but also stupid.

Evil is a Hebrew word, meaning:

Asinine Creativity or: 

Creative Stupidity.


The primary goal of www.Empowerment-Defense.Jouwweb.nl is to empower you and teach you how to arm yourself properly so you will be able to defend yourself.


There is something going on; best compared to a  Wizarding War.

Its between Islamic State and Truth.

The sub-page behind the LINK on www.SatanSucks.EU

Explains this fully.

Other videos and links on the entire site Www.SatanSucks.EU will show you a solution...

On this Site ( Empowerment-Defense.Jouwweb.nl ) you will learn sources for proper Knowledge on Self Defense.

The primary way to defend oneself is using a gun.


In some countries a gun is considered illegal and in some it is not.

I like to argue that a gun is just a tool and it is not wrong to own one.

The problem lies in the intentions AND ABILITIES ( self restraint, marksmenship, Proper use ) of the wielder of this tool.


So I know for a fact it is okay to own a gun even when its illegal.

It is Not okay to commit crimes with a gun.


Because many people fear the morons abusing guns, however, it is wise to ask for a gun permit when using one.

Then everyones conscience is soothed and there is no fight.

The skills on this Website are a must to survive a Scientific Fraud committed by Islamic State.

My advice? TOUGHEN UP A.S.A.P.


Mark Passio explains about the reasons of Gun ownership ( under the grey line....)


Some might have allready found this material and data on the other team on:



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