Empowerment Defense
Empowerment Defense

"Empowerment_Defense" Explained:

The vid below sadly is in German: 

They say to The Political Enemies of the people of Europe:

These 3 women ( Mia, Maria und Ebba ) where raped, slashed and murdered as a Direct consequence of Open Border Policy

We are Your Bad Conscience!

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You might ask:

What Is Both The Purpose Of This Site And www.Satansucks.eu ?


Its primary goal is to empower you with proper occult Knowledge....to defend yourself Both Spiritually and Physically against VERY, VERY evil People.


Why Is This Important?


This in order to prepare yourself for Self Defense within a Spiritual war...


What War?

A War Between Who...? 

There is a war between two hidden Scientific Teams.


Who Are The Players?


The Good guys...


are Creation-Theistic people, who study within Hidden fields of Knowledge.

( they are LIKE the Order of the Phoenix, from the Harry Potter Series ).


Whats "Creation-Theism"...?

Creation Theism refers to a branch of people of Science who have come to the scientific conclusion that the evolutionary Creation ( all of the planets, stars, life, people and elements ) and the Creator are one.



They Also are Scientists within hidden fields of Science..


The Bad Guys...


The bad guys are Islamic State, who also know hidden science and sadly have more power than the Good guys.

A kind of Voldemort Army...

( Offcourse Referring to the evil wizard in Harry Potter Series ).

you could refer to them as Orcs of the Lord of the Rings...

( this is including an Allegorical evil sorcerer like Saruman ( within LOTR) within their team...)


Why do The Good guys seem to be losing?

That is because Evil is more Creative, but also stupid.

Evil is not just english...

its also a Hebrew word, best seen in a modern meaning:

Asinine and Misplaced Creativity, or: 

Creative Stupidity.


Evil is powerful in the beginning, but leaks strength after a while.

People will not accept it, and it is not without Consequences.

( want to know more about the Hidden Sciences of Karma and Natural Law?  

Go to www.SatanSucks.EU


Now I Still Don't Know: What Is The Goal...? :

The primary goal of www.Empowerment-Defense.Jouwweb.nl is to empower you and teach you how to use weapons to arm yourself properly.


This so you will be able to find the means to Shield and Defend yourself and your Loved ones against the dangers of Islamic State...